Sudan is one of the world's most unique diving destinations. It is the Red Sea's best kept secret.

While Egypt is now crowded, its corals damaged by hoards of amateur divers, its schools of fish long gone from its famous sites and its sharks only a distant memory, the coast of Sudan has remained wild and untouched, with less than a thousand divers venturing there every year.

To diving conoisseurs, Sudan's dive sites at Sanganeb, Angarosh, Sha'ab Rumi and Cousteau's pre-continent all sound very familiar and evoke unforgettable dives. This is the place to see schools of hammerheads with a colorful coral backdrop, white tip, grey, silk, longimanus, tiger sharks regularly pass by the points of these famous reefs. But this is not only the best place to admire sharks; pristine reefs are incredibly rich in underwater life and visited by turtles, mantas, schools of barracudas, dolphins, etc.

Famous World underwater photographers and divers such as Hans Hass, Leni Riefenthal, Folco Quilici, Raimondo Boucher, Gianfranco Bernabei, Mario Morra, Paolo e Giuseppe Notarbartolo, Umberto Pellizzari, Jeremy Stafford Deitsch, all agree this is truly an underwater paradise.

And most of them have visited the area repeatedly onboard the Felicidad. Managed by Aurora Branciamore, an Italian lady with 30 years experience of diving in the Sudanese Red Sea, the Felicidad is the ideal liveaboard to discover these hidden gems.

We look forward to welcoming you onboard the Felicidad II !


Welcome to the sudanese red sea

diving paradise

Clockwise from left:

The Sanganeb light house, one of the Rea Sea's most famous dive sites, the Felicidad II at sea, a school of hammerhead sharks and a Red Sea turtle.